March 18, 2019

A Typical Day at the Sanctuary

AM Part 1, 

 During the previous evening a huge pot of veggies, rice, pasta, and tasty scraps was stewed and awaits delivery to Wilbur and Pokey, our large farm pigs.  With a sideorder of the same for William and Parker, the barn potbelly pigs. All the barn’s residents love chopped up greens, a mix of berries and fruit, so that needs to be prepared and bagged up. Henry the llama loves strawberries and blueberries so he gets a little extra set aside for him, bagged separately.  Ok, maybe he is being spoiled just a little (don’t tell the others!)

Two of the coops of birds get their breakfast delivered and water topped up.  It’s now about 6.45 am.  

Time to check emails, the website, add anything to the Facebook page, get everything ready to take to the barn, and maybe even time for an extra cup of coffee or two. By 7.45 AM it’s time to start to head up to the barn.

 Walking up towards the barn in the early morning is like stepping into a beautiful pastoral scene. The surrounding woods are quiet, not even the deer are out yet.  The horses are quietly grazing at their hay, or snoozing. Wilbur and Pokey, the large farm pigs suddenly stick their snouts out just to check if anyone passing by happens to have bowls of food in hand for them, then with a grunt of disappointment they retreat into their house to wait.  

 It’s 8 am now.  Not a noise to be heard at the barn until the front door handle is touched, and then a chorus of baaaas, mooing, ducks quacking, geese sounding off suddenly starts up.  Like an orchestra tuning up, discordant but still music to our ears!  As the door opens, Henry the llama sticks his head out, looks around, and then smoothly glides by. He is so graceful that sometimes you’d swear he is floating by!  

 Charlie the calf knows his bottle of milk replacer is coming, and as the door to the room where he is housed opens, he’s ready and waiting.  Everyone loves to hold that bottle as he latches on and looks up at you with those beautiful eyes.  It’s hard not to think each time of how wonderful and rewarding it is to know that he is allowed now to live, to grow into full maturity, and hopefully live a full natural life. 

 Continued  tomorrow…