March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone at the Sanctuary! The greens we really want to see are a ways off yet, but green pastures and green leaves on the forest’s trees will be a welcome sight!

Weekend volunteers helped deal with flooding and as always did an amazing job cleaning the paddocks and barn. Thank you to Gilles, Nathaniel, Alexandre, Louise, Joanne, Laura, Colleen, Nathalie, Vincent, Raphael, Mandy, Rick, Josee, Kevin, and Kim, Your dedication and love for the animals and birds is inspiring to us all. Thank you as always!

Winston our tom turkey is a bit over zealous in protecting Charlie the calf these days, but he is a young guy on a mission and you have to love him for that. We wonder if the bond that this calf and tom have formed will remain strong as they both grow and mature!

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Note: the other videos that may appear after you view the above one are not connected to the Sanctuary.