Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary, Inc.

Policies and Standards

Volunteers, visitors, guests and event attendees to Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary must follow the below policies and standards at all times:

1. No one is permitted to be on the property at 1795 Du Lac Road, Saint-Pascal-Baylon (herein called the Sanctuary) without first having received permission from a Member of the Board of Directors of Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary Inc. (herein referred to as a Director).

2. The sanctuary is open to visitors only on Visitor Days, Open Houses, or during other advertised scheduled events. Private visits are not allowed. The animals require undisturbed time each day. Please respect the need for privacy.

3. At all times, children under the age of 16 years old must be supervised and accompanied by a parent or guardian, or a person authorized to do so by same, who has signed a waiver. Unaccompanied minors may be allowed later, in the case of those whom a Director has subsequently allowed as a volunteer with the agreement of the parent or guardian.

4. In order to prevent the inadvertent spread of any contagions, if you are coming from, or have just visited another farm or equestrian facility prior to coming to the Sanctuary, you must ensure that you are not wearing the same footwear that you wore there, unless that footwear has since been sanitized.

5. Out of respect for the animals’ need to have a sense of safety and security in their homes at the Sanctuary, dogs are absolutely not allowed on the premises. Anyone with a dog will be asked to leave the property immediately.

6. No one shall enter the paddocks or enclosures without first having obtained prior permission from a Director. No one other than a Director shall supervise or instruct any other volunteer or visitor unless having first been given permission to do so. Any instructions or directions given by the Director(s) present at the time must be adhered to.

7. No horse or other animal shall be approached, handled, groomed, or otherwise interfered with without prior permission having been obtained from a Director.

8. All potential volunteers must sign a waiver before being accepted as volunteers. All volunteers may be required to have a police background check done.

9. Unless given permission by a Director, volunteers are not permitted to be at the sanctuary outside of their normal scheduled chore hours. No other persons are allowed on the property except at public events or by special arrangement.

10. Please arrive at your scheduled time if you are volunteering. If you are unable to arrive on time, please inform a representative of Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary as soon as possible.

11. No one shall wilfully threaten or submit any of the animals to any form of abuse, whether verbally or physically, or engage in any practice that may do so.

12. Out of respect for the health of the animals, no treats or food items of any type shall be given to any of the animals outside of their specific meal times without the prior permission of one of the Directors of the Sanctuary.

13. Volunteers must ensure that all tools etc. are put back in the appropriate place when tasks are completed. All gates, doors, and latches must be kept secured at all times.

14. Feel free to take photographs and videos for your own personal enjoyment and use. Before taking photographs or videos at the Sanctuary, all professional photographers must agree to transfer any or all copyrights on them to Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary Inc. if asked to do so. If taking photographs or videos, please do so in a manner that does not compromise your safety, or the safety of the animals, or the safety of any other persons present.

15. At all times, you are solely responsible for the safety of yourself and your children!

16. Minor children under the age of 16 must be supervised by a parent while attending any event. Unaccompanied minor children are not allowed at events unless special provision for their supervision has been arranged in advance, or unless they have been accepted as volunteers. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to volunteer at the sanctuary.

17. Minor children aged 13-16 may be accepted as volunteers if a parent or guardian accompanies them for an initial period at the beginning of their volunteer activities and, and in addition, signs a waiver accepting responsibility for the actions of their children, absolving the Sanctuary of all liability by acknowledging that they are aware of and accepting of the fact that a farm environment can be a dangerous one.

18. All injuries or safety issues must be immediately reported to one of the Directors. Any activities by other individuals, or any other thing observed that represents a danger to people or animals must be reported to a Director immediately.

19. Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary Inc. will not tolerate any form of discrimination or sexual harassment. No one shall engage in any practice that threatens the safety of the animals or other persons present at the Sanctuary. No one shall act in an angry or confrontational manner while on the property. All complaints or concerns about these issues must be reported to one of the Directors.