Welcome to Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary

"Free to Just Be"

Please note that we mainly work with humane societies and animal welfare societies. We cannot accept animals from private individuals currently.


Get in touch with us through Facebook, email, or the online contact form if you wish to join our amazing team of volunteers! If you love animals, and aren’t afraid of a little hard work (not that hard!) we guarantee you that you won’t regret the opportunity to spend time with the wonderful animals that have found refuge here at the sanctuary.


Please note that the Sanctuary does have public visiting hours.

With apologies, we are unable to allow private visits or open the Sanctuary to the public except on scheduled farm tour event days. Unlike a petting zoo, the purpose of our sanctuary above all else is to provide a secure and safe home for animals and birds who have experienced neglect and abuse before coming to us. Our daily workload is too extensive to allow private visitors, and the animals otherwise require hours of quiet time.

Visitors’ days where we are open to the public will be held in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.

Participation in, or attendance at any of our events in any capacity (including volunteering), whether held on the property or held elsewhere, is at your own risk. You are solely responsible for ensuring your own safety and the safety of your children.