Welcome to Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary

"Free to Just Be"

We are a registered Not-For-Profit organization, located near Saint-Pascal-Baylon, Ontario, east of Ottawa.  We provide a safe haven for life for animals who are at risk or who have only known abuse and neglect before being brought to us. The Sanctuary is a vegan-run facility though we do not require that anyone be vegan in order to volunteer or visit. Our mission is to also to provide educational opportunities for all on the need to show compassion to farm animals.

We encourage individuals from all walks of life who are interested in helping us care for our residents to come out and volunteer. Consider establishing a personal connection with one of our resident animals by becoming a sponsor.

The Sanctuary is currently at full capacity and cannot accept more residents. We do not adopt out or foster out any of our residents. We provide a permanent home for the animals in our care.

Please note that the Sanctuary does have public visiting hours.

With apologies, we are unable to allow private visits or open the Sanctuary to the public except on our scheduled event days. Unlike a petting zoo, the purpose of our sanctuary above all else is to provide a secure and safe home for animals and birds who have experienced neglect and abuse before coming to us. Our daily workload is too extensive to allow private visitors, and the animals otherwise require hours of quiet time.

Visitors’ days where we are open to the public will be held in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.

Upcoming Public Events

August-September: Visitors’ Days, our annual Fall Celebration, and a combination art show/sanctuary tour will be scheduled. Check “New Events” periodically for more information on these and other events.

October 6: “All Together Now”, a run/walk for the animals. Details to be posted shortly.